Our customers have asked us to take the stress out of their headshot photography shoot. But how do we do that?

Our London Based Mobile Photography Studio

Firstly we will come to you, normally your place of business, and set up our photography kit in an office, meeting room or even a broom cupboard. That means that you are not taking time out of your day to traipse across London to a photography studio. We can easily achieve studio quality photographs in a very small space with our mobile photography studio kit.

Time’s Money

We really appreciate that time is of the essence for many London workers who don’t want to waste time at a wearisome photography shoot. So our methods are set up to make the shoot as quick as possible without compromising quality. It will take a maximum of 20 minutes of a individual’s time but more often just about 10 minutes.

It takes time to arrange and organise a photography shoot which we just don’t have

Especially for the larger shoots where more than a few people are being photographed it can be all consuming for the organiser to arrange. That’s why at Carrot we will help you organise the headshot shoot helping draw up timetables for the shoot and guidance with the logistics. We appreciate that it hard work to arrange a photography shoot so we will offer all the help that we can.

I Hate Having My Picture Taken

Many of our photography customers are worried about posing claiming that they are not photogenic. Everybody is photogenic. All subjects at one of our headshot shoots will be given a brief on our unique posing guidance. We will direct you through each shot. We will make you look good. Sometimes the pose may feel false or uncomfortable but more often than not that is what is required to take a good photograph and the result will look natural.

Photography with a Difference

Some of our customers have commented that they find headshots taken in a photography studio very limiting. Quite often a candid shot of somebody sitting at their desk or in a boardroom with large windows or wall mounted logo behind them much more appropriate for things like their corporate brochure or investor prospectus.

Post Processing your Photographs

But what about the blemishes in my skin, the spot on my tie or all those stray hairs? I am tired, have bags under my eyes and wrinkles. I will look awful in my photographs.

Never fear, our Adobe Certified Photoshop photograph editors can deal with that.

So if you are asking yourself who the best Headshot Photographers in London are then the answer is Carrot.

Contact us now to arrange your stress free Photography Shoot.