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Our Drone Services

Carrot Drone Services delivers exceptional Aerial Photography and Videography, amplifying event imaging and marketing visuals. Our skilled team assists event planners, estate agents and wedding clients, intertwining technology and creativity.

We offer enhanced brand and memory visibility through our innovative drone solutions.

Carrot Drone Services offers state-of-the-art Drone Mapping & Surveying, including precise Building Site Mapping and Inspections.

Our services, including Photogrammetry, Orthomosaic, and Topographic Mapping, aid Cut & Fill Calculations and site progress monitoring.

We provide Elevation Models, Land Mapping, 3D Models, Mesh & Point Clouds, reshaping terrain and structure comprehension.

Carrot Drone Services provides extensive domestic and commercial Drone Property Inspections, including facade, chimney, tower/mast and structural inspections.

We specialise in damage detection, routine maintenance, risk mitigation and facilitating insurance claims.

Our services extend to pre-purchase inspections, solar panel assessments, and post-installation inspections, ensuring optimal property management and peace of mind.

Carrot Drone Services provides Residential Drone Roof Inspections, identifying potential issues proactively.

We conduct Routine Maintenance Inspections, Storm Damage Assessments and Pre-purchase Inspections, ensuring the longevity of your roof.

Our Gutter and Drainage Inspections help prevent water damage, offering reliable and efficient roof inspection services.

Carrot Drone Services excels in Commercial Drone Roof Inspections, including Mast Inspections, ensuring early damage detection and roof longevity.

We conduct Storm Damage Assessments, Pre-purchase Inspections, and Post-installation Inspections, aiding informed decisions.

Our Roof Asset Management and Gutter inspections prevent water damage, offering reliable commercial roof services.

As a CAA Authorised and Fully Insured Drone Company, Carrot Drone Services delivers professional and safe drone services.

Our experienced team, utilising a modern drone fleet, ensures efficient and comprehensive services across various sectors.

Choose us for our industry knowledge, technical expertise, and customer satisfaction commitment.


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