St Albans, London Headshot Portrait FAQ

Why would we want headshot portraits taken?

Well there are many reasons why, either for you as an individual or for Companies.

  • LinkedIn and other social media profile pictures
  • CVs
  • Company Reports
  • Websites
  • Editorial & Reportage Photography

Spice up the cover of your Company Report with a picture of your CEO across the boardroom table in front of his/her laptop. That’s got to be better than just a plain cover page.

What is Editorial & Reportage Photography? Good question.

Reportage is all about story telling. So if your shoot is more about getting over a point rather than just a plain profile picture then we can stage the picture to tell that story. We love this, we can get our creative juices flowing.

Editorial is all about taking a picture that compliments an article that it is to go with. For example if your article is about ice cream then a good editorial picture to go with the article would be of somebody eating ice cream.

Where can we do the photoshoot?

Well for simple headshot portraits we need very little space at all. We say we can do it in a broom cupboard if necessary but we would rather a bit more space. All we need is space for our simple background and a small stand with a flash light on it. Typically, we take pictures in the board room (or equivalent) in an office or even in the open plan office for a more candid look.

We particularly love taking pictures on location in The City or the West End.

What do you do?

We will consult with you to see exactly what it is that you want, what branding you want. We will rock up at your office or on location with all our kit; lighting, cameras, reflectors, backgrounds etc. It all looks really impressive to be honest. We will then direct you and take all the pictures. Then we go back to our offices and our professional Adobe Certified retouchers do their magic in Photoshop.

After that we will send you contact sheets, electronically of course, and you can choose which pictures you want in High Res.

How do I pose?

Ah well there is more to posing for your headshot than you might think, but don’t worry it isn’t difficult and we will provide you with all the instruction that you will need. It is all about making you look good and we know how to do that.

How should we dress?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We recommend steering clear of complex patterns and stripes as they can be distracting in an image, unless of course you all want to wear Hawaiian shirts, then you’re more than welcome to. Keep consistency with the group, if you have chosen a colour scheme, ensure your whole group is wearing something in this colour scheme to link in nicely. Depending on the look required we will recommend changes in clothes, jackets, ties, scarves on and off etc. I am sure you get what we mean.

What if we have any more questions?

Please feel free to give us a ring and ask.