Headshot Profile Dos & Dont's

With the significant rise in social media to attract business, find potential vendors or employee candidates in the last few years; it is probably about time you reviewed your company headshot to see if you are killing off potential business connections.

A staggering 93% of potential employers and business partnerships actively vet suitors on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook before inviting them to "talk".

Is your social media / company profile headshot killing off potential business?

First impressions count!

The old adage really does ring true when it comes to easily accessible, online portfolio’s about you! Faced with a choice of selecting the button to read more about you or moving on; your profile is 14 times more likely to get clicked on if it contains your image. In those valuable few seconds you have to make a positive impression with your headshot, is your profile image doing you justice?

Sounds fairly shallow doesn’t it, but in a Social Media Today report a career’s consultant commented, "It’s the first thing we see, and it can be a big turn on or off!"

Headshot images should assist viewers to identify your personal brand, approachability, memorability and potential for business engagement.

The headshot survival guide!

Here are some quick do’s and don’ts to get your profile headshot the attention it deserves.