Posing for a headshot portrait

How to pose for your Headshot Portrait

There are many stages in the process of producing a good headshot. One of those stages is the pose. The point of the pose is to make you look good

Things to consider:

  • How to sit or stand
  • What angle should the head be
  • Chin up or down - maybe even out
  • Eyes wide open or squinting – not quite but we will tell you what to do
  • Arms crossed, hands in lap?


Well you don’t want to squint but you don’t want to look like a rabbit in the headlights. No worries we will tell you what to do.

Sitting, Standing, Head & Arms

A bit of both sitting & standing but the real question is how to sit or stand and where the head should be and what we do with our hands. Don’t worry we will direct you and try different things; we will be firm but also terribly polite. It can be really good fun.

Chin up or down

Well actually out, this is very important, it is gives definition and stretches the skin a bit for those of us not quite as young as we used to be.

We like to brief you individually or as a group before the shoot. One of our unique selling points is our direction on posing.