Why Should Estate Agents Use Professional Photographers?


Attract New Listings

The Estate Agent market is fiercely competitive and the need to be a step ahead of the competition to attract new listings is more important than ever.

Using a professional photographer to take photos to market your properties shows prospective sellers that you take advantage of every opportunity to make their property look awesome – and to stand out.

Being able to advertise the use of a professional photographer for your listings gives you a competitive advantage over your competition.

Professionally taken photographs help your listings "pop" online and in the shop window making you stand out from the pack when potential customers are shopping for an Estate Agent.

Photographing a property takes time, resources and costs that Estate Agents could better use for attracting new listings and selling property.

Enhanced Property Listings

A Professional Property Photographer has the time and equipment to be able to take better standard photographs than an Estate Agent would normally be able to take.

The property competition is brutal mainly because online listings generate most of the leads. Almost every property buyer today begins her search online. Professionally taken photographs help the listing pop off the page they stands out in the online beauty line-up.

Professionally taken property photographs allow agents to use technology to enhance the visual appeal of listings, using TV screens in shop windows and iPads to show listings to potential buyers.

Out-market the competition - It’s a well-known fact that listings that look better and provide more information sell better.

In general professional property photographs increase the chances of a property selling.