When it comes to deploying cutting-edge drone technology with exceptional GNSS PPK accuracy, Carrot Drone Services stands head and shoulders above the rest.

We specialise in providing precise, efficient and high-quality drone mapping, photogrammetry and surveying services.

Our team of skilled professionals uses the latest technology to offer advanced solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Drone Mapping/Photogrammetry Services

Drone Mapping Services

We offer a comprehensive array of services based on photogrammetry

Orthomosaic Mapping

Highly detailed and accurate aerial views perfect for analysis and planning.

Topographical Maps

Detailed representations of physical and man-made features on the ground.

Digital Elevation Models

Detailed 3D representations of terrain surfaces for better understanding and decision-making.


Accurate outline mapping for efficient land use planning and construction.

Point Clouds and Dense Meshes

High-density 3D data for in-depth analysis and visualisation.

3D Models

Detailed and interactive models for design, analysis and presentations.

Industries We Serve

We are proud to offer our unparalleled drone services to a broad range of industries:

Building Industry

We assist in accurate site analysis and planning, ensuring that all stages of the building process benefit from the precision of our drone mapping capabilities.


From boundary surveys to topographical maps, we provide a detailed and comprehensive understanding of any given terrain.

Land Sales

Our high-resolution Orthomosaic mapping and digital elevation models provide valuable data that aids in the decision-making process for land sales.


We offer in-depth 3D models, point clouds and dense meshes, assisting engineers with the crucial data necessary for project planning and execution.

Property Management

Through regular drone surveys, we help property managers keep a close eye on their properties, ensuring optimal utilisation and maintenance.

Environmental Managers

Our services aid in environmental impact assessment and management by providing critical data on terrain and environmental features.

Drone Mapping Industries

Drone Mapping/Photogrammetry Applications

Drone Mapping Applications

Our cutting-edge drone technology is perfect for a myriad of applications, including:

Site Analysis and Planning

Our drones provide comprehensive data for strategic planning and optimum site utilisation.

Cut & Fill Calculations

We facilitate precise earthwork estimation to avoid costly project adjustments.

Progress Tracking

Our regular drone surveys offer reliable progress reports for efficient project management.

Volumetric Measurements

Precise calculations for earthwork estimation, resource management and excavation planning.

Boundary Surveys

Detailed boundary delineation for accurate land division and property management.

Inspection & Safety

By identifying potential hazards and maintenance issues from the air, we help ensure the safety of your workforce and the integrity of your structures.

Advantages of Drone Services Over Conventional Methods 

Drone technology has revolutionised traditional practices in multiple industries, proving itself as an efficient, cost-effective, and safe alternative. Here's why choosing Carrot Drone Services gives you a significant edge: 


 Drone technology dramatically reduces the need for physical human involvement in potentially dangerous environments or challenging terrains, thus reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring worker safety. 


 Drones can cover large areas and hard-to-reach places quickly and efficiently, providing high-resolution data that is more comprehensive and accurate than traditional surveying methods. 


 Our drone services significantly cut down the time it takes to collect data, perform inspections, or track progress. This means quicker turnarounds and more timely decision-making for your projects. 


 Drones reduce the need for expensive machinery or extensive manpower, making them a cost-efficient solution for many tasks ranging from land surveys to property inspections. 

High-Quality Data

 Drone technology, coupled with our advanced GNSS PPK system, delivers high-quality, detailed data, allowing for accurate analysis and informed decision making.

 Environmentally Friendly

 Drones have a smaller environmental footprint than many traditional methods, making them a more sustainable choice for surveying and environmental management.

At Carrot Drone Services, we are committed to delivering exceptional drone services to enhance your operational efficiency and decision-making process.

Our expertise in drone mapping, photogrammetry and surveying guarantees precise data and reliable results.

Contact us today and let us elevate your project to new heights.


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