Why Should Estate Agents Use Drone Photography to Sell Property?


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Attract New Listings

Using drone videos and photos to market your properties shows prospective sellers that you take advantage of every opportunity to make their property look awesome – and to stand out.

When being recommended imagine being the sales pitch of “they did aerial photos”. How would it help being able to add it to your offerings to potential listing customers?

Some agents claim that drones are the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet.

Sell More Properties

Aerial shots can help make a property more appealing to potential buyers, especially if it’s a bigger house or piece of land.

Aerial photos and videos capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surrounding, not possible with ground-based photography.

Aerial filming using remotely piloted drones giving potential buyers an elevated “birds eye” view that makes your property portfolio stand out from the crowd on websites like, Zoopla, Rightmove and Prime Location.

Well-designed drone camera shots not only look incredibly professional; they can generate a sense of awe and interest that you simply can’t get from ground-based photography.

Highlight more property features. Landscaping, pools, walking paths, and back yards are important to many buyers. So are nearby parks and schools. Aerial photos & videos bring these advantages to life.

Shots which would otherwise be unavailable such as where houses are obscured by foliage and/or parked vehicles, aerial views of gardens looking back at house, adds another dimension grabbing attention on sales portal


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