Professional Drone Photography & Videography Services - Tailored Solutions for Real Estate, Events, Tourism, Urban Planning, Marketing & Land Marketing

Carrot Drone Services, we redefine your viewing experience by bringing the world to you from a vantage point.

Specialising in aerial photography and videography, we capture high-quality, eye-catching imagery and footage that allow you to promote, analyse and create in ways you've never imagined.

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Drone Photography & Aerial Videography for Real Estate and Letting Agents

Set your property listings apart with our spectacular aerial visuals. We provide crisp, dynamic photographs and videos that fully showcase the property's exterior and surrounding amenities.

Our service can help potential buyers and renters understand the context of a property within its neighbourhood and the broader landscape.

From luxurious residences to commercial properties, our drone photography and videography services can elevate your listings and help close deals faster.

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Drones for Event Organisers

Create unforgettable memories and show-stopping promotional material with our drone services.

From weddings and concerts to sports events and large festivals, we capture your events from unique angles and deliver breath taking aerial views that ground-level photography simply can't match.

Impress attendees and sponsors alike with awe-inspiring aerial documentation of your event.

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Drone Imaging for Tourism & Travel Agencies

Inspire wanderlust in your clients with panoramic views of your travel destinations.

Showcase the beauty and unique features of your locations with high-quality, dynamic aerial footage.

Highlight local attractions, resorts, and landscapes to bring your travel packages to life and entice more tourists.

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Urban Planning & Government Agencies

Support your planning and decision-making process with the comprehensive perspective only aerial photography and videography can provide.

We can help visualise urban planning scenarios, monitor city growth, analyse traffic patterns, and assess disaster management strategies.

Our high-resolution drone imagery and mapping capabilities are essential tools for your urban planning needs.

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Marketing Agencies

Stand out in the competitive world of advertising with our innovative drone visuals.

Whether you're looking to create striking ad campaigns or social media content, our aerial photography and videography can provide a unique perspective that grabs attention and resonates with your target audience.

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Drones for Land Marketing

Boost the potential of your land marketing efforts with our specialised drone services.

We capture the entirety of your land parcels, highlight their unique features, and provide a bird's-eye view of the surrounding area.

Attract investors and buyers with a complete visual understanding of the property's context and potential.

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