What is Drone Progress Monitoring?

In most cases an accurate orthomosaic map of your construction site can be completed in less than 24 hours. An orthomosaic map is a map of the land that is an accurate representaion of the land in scale and the data is totally up to date.

Construction site progress monitoring may include:

Monitoring of schedule
Observation of hinderances
Monitoring of equipment & supplies
Assessing quality of work
Resolving & avoiding disputes
Comparing "as built" to plan
Taking accurate measurements (including in volume, area & length)

What are the benefits to you?

"With regular site monitoring we were able to avoid lengthy & costly delays. Mistakes were avoided and suppliers held to account. The ROI for hiring a drone operator is incalculable."

Tradional techniques for monitoring a construction sites are slow, inaccurate, inefficient use of manpower and, by the time the report has been completed, totally out of date. Using drones overcomes all these problems.

With so many agencies involved in a construction site and many of them being remote regular and upto date imaging of the site that can be easily shared has many benefits:

Documenting project progression
Improving communication with all agencies involved
Dynamic & timely decision making
Keeping clients informed of progress
Fast & safe site inspections
Locating areas of workflow that can be improved & streamlined
Observation of hinderences/stoppage
Checking conformance to schedule
Assessment of quality of work
Assessment of stored supplies
Asset monitoring
Resolving scheduling issues with staff and supplies which may have occurred due to lack of up to date information
Dispute resolution
Evaluating compliance with appropriate regulations
Topographical surveys

What are other site managers doing?

Professional drone operating companies, such as Carrot Drone Services, are being tasked on a regular basis to provide detailed and up to date mapping of building sites. Many are being mapped on a weekly basis, some even on a daily basis.

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