Carrot Drone Services are St Albans, Hertfordshire, based drone operators.


We provide drone mapping services for the Construction Industry.


We capture high resolution orthomosaic maps that can be used to make accurate measurements and close up detailed inspections of sites.

Drones have become an import item in the construction industry toolbox saving thousands of pounds on projects by havig up to date data that can be captured quickly (in a matter of minutes) rather than days.


Orthomosaic maps can help project teams with:


Improving communication with all agencies involved
Dynamic & timely decision making
Keeping clients informed of progress
Fast & safe site inspections
Locating areas of workflow that can be improved & streamlined
Observation of hinderences/stoppage
Checking conformance to schedule
Assessment of quality of work
Assessment of stored supplies
Asset monitoring
Resolving scheduling issues with staff and suppliers
Dispute resolution
Evaluating compliance with appropriate regulations
Topographical surveys
Locating drainage spots
Studying vegetation
Studying water ways
Optimising grading & earthwork plans
Comparing differences from "as built" to the original plans


Many construction project managers are now employing professional drone operators to map construction sites on a regular basis, monthly, weekly or, in some cases, even daily.

Read more about how Drone Mapping & Orthomosaic Maps can help your construction project here.

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